full carbon build

Foilboard 127

Newind’s experience with carbon fiber and composite materials dates back to 1999, when Riccardo Fumini made his first kitesurf board and started to make them both for kitesurfing and windsurfing. 

Since then, Newind has had the time to improve the overall build, shape, and quality construction, to give the customer the best experience possible when flying on the water, in the pursue of lightness, resistance, beauty of the product, and the best build quality, through the experienced use of composite materials, like carbon fiber. 

Newind has achieved numerous successes in weight reduction, for example, a 100L Wingboard with the tecnique and know-how of Riccardo Fumini, using a sandwich assembly and a full carbon reinforcement and finishing, weighs only an estimated 4,5 kg, an impressive result of more than 20 years of experience in the construction of all kinds of boards and other sport gear, like Foilboards, which, as many customers all around the world say, the minimum weight and weight distribution helped them a lot, both for pros, to improve and discover new tricks and types of jumps, or to beginners, who felt the board more responsive, reactive, and found a better handling. (For example a Foilboard 125×46 weighs 2,5 kg est.).

Recently, we have updated the carbon that we use, to ensure a stronger and better looking finishing than ever before, so check out our Foilboards,  Surfboards and Wingboards!