NEW sport, new frontiers

Wingboarding is at its beginning, and with a new sport come new methods to improve the building method of our boards, using a completely handcrafted procedure, the new 2021 Newind Wingboards are thought and realised to match the higher performance and quality standards possible, in fact, they are meticulously designed, shaped, and built by hand in Italy, using composite materials like carbon fiber to give you the best experience possible when flying on the water. 

The incredible lightness, the full-carbon build and reinforcement, are some of the many quality-aspects that are carefully considered by the shaper Riccardo Fumini, when realising a Wingboard.

completely customisable gear

Being handmade, Newind boards are completely and easily customisable at customer’s request, but there is more! If you are not sure about a specification, you can ask Riccardo, who will help you decide the best possible board for you, you can contact him directly to the e-mail: for more info on customisation and to place an order. 

LTD: thought for athletes, now available

On the occasion of the first Italian Wingfoil championship, in 2021, Newind launches the Limited Edition Wingboard, available now to the public, is the same identical shape thought for athletes…

On the photos on the left, you can see a Wingboard for a Sabfoil athlete.