new Drs-evo waterproof core offer

In occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of Newind by Riccardo Fumini in 1999 in Italy, we have improved our Waterproof DRS construction to make it stronger, maintaining, and in some cases decreasing a bit, the already light weight of the board. 

DRS-EVO build is granted to make your board absolutely waterproof, even in cases of board perforation, dents, impacts and etc, with this build the core itself will not absorb water, and with our new DRS-EVO we made in 2024, it will reinforced by a sandwich like construction, making this board one of the most resistant wingboards, you will not have to worry about the board absorbing water from an impact, even if the board gets punctured, dented or any other damage that could come from a big impact.

With the DRS-EVO we have also improved our delivery times, making the 100% handmade building process more organised and more serial-like.

With our 25th anniversary we have thought to offer you this new DRS-EVO technology we have been producing and improving since 2 years, at an exclusive and limited time 25% discounted price of 1079,00€.

Get yours now, they are completely customisable, in Volume, Shape, Size, Footstraps Positioning and Painting, take a look at the different shapes below, and colour options!

To request more info and to place an order, you can write directly to Riccardo Fumini at

2024 honeycomb core ultralight wingboards

2023 has been an intense year for Newind.
Always looking for innovations, always present in the field of high quality custom made both in windsurfing and kitesurfing and since the beginning of its evolution also in wingfoil, newind has always brought innovation and often revolutions.
In this last year we have particularly refined our shapes and researched a lot into new and revolutionary construction systems.
The result cost us a lot in terms of time and effort, having to follow new paths.
But thanks also to the collaboration and continuous tests in the water of Andrea Tartaglia for the wingfoil, Mauro Vergari for the windfoil, as well as all the feedback from our customers, we have obtained important and decidedly innovative results.
In addition to the DRS waterproof line that we have been making for some time,
we designed and implemented this new and revolutionary technology with a hollow honeycomb structure core in high-density closed-cell waterproof foam.
Therefore a very resistant foam but lightened with our particular technique.
Then combined with the external vacuum sandwich structure in which NEWIND has always been notoriously at the forefront, this makes our boards light, resistant and waterproof: in the event of a puncture the foam does not absorb water and therefore there is no longer the risk of with boards weighed down and structurally compromised due to water infiltration.
Our new and now tested construction system therefore allows us to offer a product with our usual high quality, made with revolutionary and exclusive technology.
2024 therefore finds us ready to offer a refined, unique and high-tech artisanal product as has always been in the NEWIND philosophy.

Honeycomb DRS ultralight boards are now available at 2599,00€

2024 newind shape: downwind

In 2024, after testing new shapes thanks also to our tester Andrea Tartaglia, we have come up to our Newind Downwind shaped board, comes standard, as all of our wing boards, with DRS Waterproof core, and it is available also in Honeycomb core.

As for Newind’s tradition, this board will be possible to customise, like all of our boards

this is now available at 1599,00€

You can take a look to further pictures of this shape in the photo gallery below




Photo Gallery

Available in customs sizes, they are the perfect way to enjoy Wingfoiling in an accessible, quick way. They are built to last, having a strong, compact build reinforced in carbon fibre, to maintain a light weight. They are available in a short time from the moment of the order, get yours today! **AVAILABLE WITH THE NEW DRS WATERPROOF CORE BUILD**

get in touch directly with who builds and designs our boards!

write to to get more info and to place an order.

LTD: thought for athletes, now available

On the occasion of the first Italian Wingfoil championship, in 2021, Newind launches the Limited Edition Wingboard, available now to the public, is the same identical shape thought for athletes…

On the photos on the left, you can see a Wingboard for a Sabfoil athlete.