Riccardo Fumini has always been present in the world of Italian kite, his products are appreciated all over the world. With a constant research and development of materials and forms, he has been a pioneer in this sport, for example, in 2000, he introduced the first flexible twin-tips revolutionizing the sector. He later designed the Ecosplit, Splitboard and Full Carbon Splitboard; inimitable, divisible, with an extraordinary high performance. In the race kite industry he has been involved from the earliest races, both as a manufacturer and as an athlete, achieving great satisfaction. His high-level custom products are made taking into account the various needs of customers.


Newind produces three types of divisible twin tips, all custom made. All have the same particular flexible structure conceived and produced exclusively by Newind. The connection is obtained from a full piece, and this makes it different from the other boards. It is therefore much faster to be built, a bit heavier but it still maintains an exceptionally high performance. The connection of the Splitboard is obtained through a long work process which makes these boards the lightest. The Ecosplit and Splitboards have default graphics in two colours. The Full Carbon Splitboard has the connection of the Splitboard and its structure is made entirely of carbon amplifying the high performance of this Newind line. Here there is the possibility to customize the graphics.


Marlin is one of the easiest boards to ride. While still maintaining a high performance. The Marlin is built entirely in carbon fibre. It can be combined with most of the Newind Surf boards and splitsurfs : for all conditions Weather from 7 to 40 knots in a full combination . Race Board : to have the best in a race . Marlinboard : economic and indestructible board to maximize the sense of freedom.