Windsurf boards

a passion that has been around for a long time

The first board that Newind had ever built, in 1999, was a Windsurf board, which was usable even for Kitesurfing, but then, Newind focused on Kitesurf boards, Twin tips, Surfboards, and later, Foilboards.

But there are some news, the all new Newind Windsurf Foil boards are here to stay, since the latest new Wingfoil adventure, Newind is building Windsurf boards too, which are lighter and more versatile than ever before, they are customisable in every aspect, and they are made with the finest of the sandwich construction to grant the most stiffness and lightness possible. 

**The price is not shown in the price-list because it can vary form board to-board, so to order it, you can request info to Riccardo at this e-mail address:

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